Where it all started

Physical fitness is something that is rooted in all of us. Our bodies were developed with the intention of having all of our muscles work together and support each other to accomplish certain movements and tasks. With this in mind, building a home for our experts to create bespoke one-to-one training programs for our clients made sense. 

Our facilities cater to all levels and experience, and provides space for all types of individuals. It’s really simple – if your goal is to live a longer, healthier and stronger life, DNA Lifestyle is for you. 

Where we are headed

It goes beyond a gym. We provide our clients with a lifestyle – a program that can be incorporated into their daily routines to meet their unique goals and get the results that matter most to them as an individual. As a team, we focus on delivering the best programs to our clients and guiding them to live in an optimal state of being.

Our Pricing

Personal Training From £15

Life Coaching From £25

M.M.A. From £25

Sports Massage From £40

Nutrition Plans From £50


Pershore based bespoke one-to-one personal training gym – all levels and abilities. Contact us for a free trial session and to learn more about our fitness programmes.

Working hours

Monday – Thursday:
05:00 – 20:00

05:00 – 13:00

07:00 – 14:00

Sunday Closed